Education & Advice


At Doncaster Road Dental Practice we like to work with our patients to look after their oral health. We believe it’s a partnership.

We’re passionate about dentistry and so we like to inform and educate people. As a practice we focus on prevention and only if we really have to, do we look at treatments.

How often should we visit the dentist?

You should visit the dentist at least twice a year. These visits will ensure that we can prevent any issues that may be arising with your oral health and your teeth will receive a good clean.

How should we brush our teeth?

Why is smoking bad for my oral health?

As well as staining your teeth and causing bad breath, smoking can also worsen the health of your gums, leading to serious gum disease.

In a non-smoker’s mouth, one of the first signs of gum disease would be bleeding gums and this would probably prompt you to see your dentist. However, smoking affects the circulation and, in the mouth of a smoker, gum disease can be present with little or no bleeding, so that you may be unaware that anything is wrong.

Smokers are also much more likely to develop oral cancer (cancer of the lips, tongue and other soft tissues in the mouth).

If you are thinking of giving up smoking, you can call the NHS quit smoking helpline on 0300 1231044 or Smoking Leicester helpline number 0116 454 4000.

How much sugar is in my drinks?

‘As part of National Smile Month, the Practice created this great educational tool to inform our patients and help them calculate how much sugar is currently consumed in their drinks without us realizing it. The display shows the level of sugar contained in a wide range of soft drinks to sports drinks’.